Passion and Knowledge

We are passionate about making cymbals, and we are not just saying it. There is a mountain of knowledge buried in the tradition and practice of this centuries old craft and endless crossings with modern science (physics, chemistry, materials science) and music theory that are only briefly explored, if that. Academics or no, we aim to share all we know.

Brief history of cymbal making from the days of Ottoman empire to modern times

Acoustics and aesthetics that define and determine the cymbal as an instrument

Our manufacturing process explained

How-to take care of your cymbals in order to prolong their life and keep them sounding great

Consider this only a starting point, as all of the above subjects will be fleshed out and expanded and new topics introduced. The better everyone of us talks the same language and shares the same understanding of cymbal craft and cymbal characteristics the better we can apply these tools to the music we make with them.

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