For Immediate Release

ZimMusicInc., the exclusive North American distributor of Impression Cymbals has announced the addition of new splash and china cymbals to the popular Illuminati Cymbal series for world wide availability.

“We displayed the Iluminati splashes and chinas at the NAMM show in January to get feedback from the dealer base and consumers and the response was overwhelming with some saying the splashes were the best they’ve ever heard!. “Says Derek Zimmerman, President of ZimMusicInc.. “Based on the great reception we are excited to expand the Illuminatti Series to include these cymbals.”

Sounding modern and urban, the Illuminati Series are partially lathed, partially polished on top for great looks on stage to go with the refined sound. Made for rock and metal, the fast attack of the splashes, chinas and crashes with the penetrating ping of the rides these cymbals easily cut through layers of amplified guitars.

See below for a demo of Illuminati Splashes.

Established in 2010, Impression Cymbals is the realization of experienced industry veterans and cymbalsmiths, offering an full line of completely hand hammered, artisan crafted cymbals produced in Istanbul, Turkey. Representing the pinnacle in quality, vision and sound, every Impression cymbal is a testament to the centuries-old craft of traditional cymbalsmithing, perfected by generations of skilled masters.

For more information visit, or contact ZMI at 213 347-4964 or email at