About Us


Impression Cymbals is a realization of experienced industry veterans and cymbalsmiths, established in 2010. Completely hand hammered, artisan crafted cymbals produced in Istanbul, Turkey, representing the pinnacle in cymbal making quality, vision, and sound. Each and every cymbal produced by us is a testament to six hundred years of cymbal making following traditional methods, perfected by generations of skilled masters.

Producing cymbals and living with this mystical instrument is pure love that brings our team together with a common interest and goal: turning up the musical and artistic value in cymbal making. That said, brands are abstract entities determined by the product quality and all we claim to do is produce the best musical cymbals in the world.

…And Ears

We are a small and agile team, which allows us to listen to our customers – you – and in turn offer unique customization possibilities and a selection that fits versatile demands. We have drummers and percussionists in our ranks, too, so we speak and understand the language of performing artists.

If you have any questions or comments, request for a custom cymbal, or just want to say hello or visit us at the foundry in Istanbul, please check out the contact page and let us know!

Contact Us

    Akinci Sok. No:4, Habipler-─░stanbul, Turkey
    (00) 90 (0) 212 595 2320