Custom Cymbals

A Dream Come True

Have you ever dreamed of a one-of-a-kind cymbal, hand crafted by master cymbalsmiths from scratch to your exact specifications?

We have, and we want to offer you the same possibility.

In order to get a custom cymbal produced by us, please contact your local Impression Cymbals dealer first, or contact us directly and we will sort out the logistics for getting the cymbal to you.

Order a custom cymbal using our online form!


Before kick-starting the creative process in our end, we would like to know as much as possible about the sound you are after, the intended applications of the cymbal, and of course, any of the following technical parameters you might have thought of:

Cymbal type: ride, crash, hi-hat, splash, china, bell, or something completely different
Cymbal size: 6″-24″
Cymbal profile and hammering
Bell size and profile
Cymbal finish: lathed, polished, sandpapered, or something else

Once we get back to you, the final design and production schedule will be discussed and approved mutually. Only then we will commence with the production. The price of the cymbal will be based on its size and the complexity of the manufacturing process. Custom cymbals share our standard warranty.

All our custom cymbals will be produced from the same proprietary B20 Bronze alloy we use for all our work. Other than that, only the possibilities of expert artisan craftsmanship guide us reaching the ultimate goal of your dream cymbal.

Contact Us

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